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Your brandies prepared and aged in our cellars to your specifications

Too many of the spirits currently on the market are incapable of providing complete transparency as to their exact origins and the way they have been prepared and aged.
For this reason our House is marketing brandies whose development you can follow at your leisure, throughout their lives, up until they are delivered to you ready for drinking.


We are offering you 2 prestigious appellations:

  • COGNAC Grande Champagne
  • ARMAGNAC Bas-armagnac
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Your brandies

You decide on the quantities that you wish to have aged (see "products" page). We then take charge of your brandies and begin the ageing process. Your spirits will be entrusted to the maître de chais (the wine-maker / cellar manager), who monitors the good progress of operations so that at the end of the period of ageing you have chosen your cognac or armagnac will be in the best possible condition.
Your brandies will be stored and aged following the best tradition and savoir-faire. (see: product history)

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At any time you can stop the process, and take delivery of your brandy either in bulk (cask) or in bottle.

Our sale price includes VAT, but does not include taxes on alcohol which are payable on delivery. Furthermore, each year, on the anniversary date of your order, we will send you an invoice to cover the costs of insurance, storage and ageing. Costs of delivery, bottling or putting into cask, customs and administration will be invoiced to you when the products leave our wine sheds before each delivery.

Each year you will also receive a certificate of ownership on which it will be certified that your cognac or armagnac has officially acquired a further year of age.

For prices concerning this offer, please contact us

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